Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

Consumer fraud is a big as ever and in today’s fast paced lifestyle it is easy to let your guard down. Here are some best practices you can use to protect yourself:   Never give away personal information over the phone Only use trusted web sites and answer only trusted emails Shred all personal information before […]

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New CMHC Premiums

The Federal Government continues to tweak mortgage lending to ensure that the Canadian Real Estate market remains healthy. After many years of loosening the lender guidelines the Bank of Canada is tightening up guidelines. If the past few years we have seen Self Employed Borrowers face a tighter market and amortizations lowered from a high […]

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Competition in the Canadian Mortgage industry

This is article is a from 2011 but recent studies show Canadians are paying attention and saving money. A 2013 study showed over 30% of Canadians are now using Mortgage Brokers to arrange their mortgage. This figure is up from previous years and continues to grow. The 2011 report was used to shed light on […]

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8 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Save Money

Saving money by lowering your energy consumption is a great idea. Both for your pocket book and the environment. Here are eight great tips on how to save energy and money.   By Steven Holbrook Making prudent purchases. As energy costs rise, you might be looking for ways to be more energy-efficient without breaking the […]

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Data Release: Canadian Employment (October)

Latest Employment Numbers in Canada show little change. While the Canadian economy added 16,000 new jobs in October, the modest increase confirms economist’s forecasts of no change in monetary policy until well in to 2015. TD Economics Data Release: Another decent month of job gains for Canada in October ·  After two solid months of […]

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Why no rate hike means variable mortgages are safe again

Garry Marr | 23/10/13 A signal from the Bank of Canada that it is not raising its key lending rate any time soon, coupled with the likelihood of falling mortgage rates, could be enough to keep the latest housing rally going. There have been signs the housing market is in recovery mode with year-over-year […]

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